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humm90 interest free card


General terms

Anyone can apply for a humm90 Mastercard® as long as they are:

  • 18+ years old
  • Earn $25,000+ p.a.
  • An Australian citizen or permanent resident of Australia
  • Clear credit file

It is a period of time in which you do not have to pay any interest on your humm90 Mastercard purchase. This applies only to purchase where the offer is available, and not to other transactions. Interest is payable on any balance outstanding after the Interest Free Term at the Expired Promotional Rate applicable to your humm90 account and any other humm90 Mastercard transaction which does not have the benefit of the interest free offer.

Where a deferred payment period applies, you are not required to make repayments on your humm90 Mastercard purchase until the end of the deferred payment period. This applies only to purchase where the offer is available, and not to other transactions. Repayments for the deferred payment offer are only included in the calculation of the Minimum Monthly Payment after the deferred payment period expires.

We genuinely want to hear suggestions for improvement and be given the opportunity to resolve any situations, confusions or complaints that may arise. If your complaint is not resolved by the Customer Service Team, refer your complaint to our Customer Relations Complaints Team by calling 1300 858 608 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday or emailing [email protected]

If you are unhappy with the resolution of your complaint by our Customer Relations Complaints team, the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (“AFCA”) helps individuals and small business customers resolve problems and disputes with their financial service provider, and its use is free for individual customers. AFCA can be contacted online at www.afca.org.au via telephone at 1800 931 678 or in writing through GPO Box 3, Melbourne, VIC 3001 (Australia.

  • Cash Advance Rate currently 25.99% pa
  • Expired Promotional Rate currently 25.99% pa
  • humm90 Purchase Rate currently 23.99% pa
  • Promotional Rate, as agreed with you and us at the time the promotion was offered.


Using your humm90 Mastercard

If a card is issued on acceptance of your credit contract, it will take approximately 5 – 7 business days for your humm90 Mastercard to arrive.

Log in to my humm90 and activate your humm90 Mastercard online. Alternatively, simply call 1300 115 533.

Yes. You have a whole range of other offers and features available on your humm90 Mastercard, including:

Interest Free, Fixed Instalments and Deferred Payment offers: The next time you wish to shop and take advantage of a promotional offer at participating humm90 retailers, simply have your Customer ID handy, and present this to the sales consultant. Your Customer ID can be found on the back of you humm90 Mastercard. The store will help you process an additional promotional offer purchase. You just need to make sure you have available credit.

Everyday card transactions: For all other card purchases used anywhere where Mastercard is accepted, simply use your humm90 Mastercard to make your purchase to take advantage of up to 110 days Interest Free.

Yes. You can change your PIN through my humm90 or by calling 1300 115 533

You can apply for a credit limit up to $50,000. Your eligibility for credit is subject to our lending criteria and a credit assessment.

Yes. Simply call 1300 115 533 and our Customer Service team will assist you with a credit limit increase application, subject to our eligibility criteria.

Yes. You can use your humm90 Mastercard to withdraw cash from your humm90 account at any ATM. Cash withdrawals do not qualify for up to 110 days Interest Free period or for any other Interest Free promotional period. Cash withdrawals attract interest at the Cash Advance Rate from the date of the transaction plus any cash advance fees.

The daily cash withdrawal limit is $1,000 cash per day.

No. Cash withdrawals will not affect any Interest Free Term or promotional purchase you may have made on your humm90 Mastercard.

Yes – through my humm90. If you haven’t already registered for my humm90, and you’d like to, here to register.

Please immediately report your card as lost or stolen either by;

  • Logging in to the humm90 Mastercard app or myhumm90 to place a temporary block on your card and reporting it as lost/stolen, preventing your card from being fraudulently used, or
  • please call us immediately on 1300 115 533 (or +61 2 8905 2904 from overseas) to have our customer service team block your card and arrange replacement.


Card transactional issues

On rare occasions a merchant can accidently request authorisation more than once for a transaction. This does not mean you have been charged for the transaction more than once, but you may temporarily see the extra authorisation attempts on your account.

If you believe you may have been charged more than once, before lodging a dispute we request that you first;

• Wait for your next statement to verify you have been charged more than once, as your statement will only show completed transactions, or
• Contact our customer service team after 30 days if the additional pending transactions are still showing on your transaction list.
• If your statement or our customer service team confirm the duplicated transaction, you can raise a dispute by completing a ‘Notice of disputed transaction’ and returning it to [email protected].

If you have experienced an event at an ATM failing to disburse funds and the transaction is showing as successfully completed on your statement, you can raise a dispute by completing a ‘Notice of disputed transaction’ and returning it to [email protected]

Once received, our team will raise an investigation with the ATM Issuer to either confirm funds were disbursed or reverse the transaction on your account.

If you have not received goods/services purchased with your humm90 Mastercard, we recommend reaching out to the merchant directly.

Under Mastercard Dispute Rules and Regulations, the card issuer must wait at least 30 days from the transaction date prior to lodging a dispute to reverse the transaction in question. This is to allow the merchant the opportunity to either fulfil their obligations to you as part of the transaction, or directly resolve your concerns.

If your matter wasn’t resolved by the merchant and 30 days have passed since date of transaction, you can raise a dispute by completing a ‘Notice of disputed transaction’ and returning it to [email protected]

As part of the dispute, you will be required to provide supporting documents showing you have attempted to resolve the matter directly with the merchant and detail the goods/services not received on the Transaction Dispute Form.

If you dispute relates to travel or accommodation services, you will additionally require the following, if applicable;
• Original booking confirmation
• Merchant’s cancellation Policy
• Travel itinerary
• Car rental agreement
• Copy of airline ticket/s.

If you have cancelled a subscription or membership (recurring payment) and have been debited again relating to the Subscription or Membership after the merchant confirmed cancellation, you can dispute the transaction by completing a ‘Notice of disputed transaction’ and returning it to [email protected].

As part of the dispute, you will need to provide supporting documents showing when the cancellation was confirmed by the merchant prior to the disputed transaction

If you have any unrecognised Enquiries or Account Data on your personal Credit Reports, please email [email protected] for us to investigate.

To allow us to assist you promptly, please make sure to include all information relating to the Enquiry/Account, such as;

• Enquiry/Account Reference Number.
• Date of when the Credit Report was obtained.
• Credit Bureau that issued the Credit Report.
• Any other details you feel will be helpful.

If you aren’t a customer of humm90 and are receiving communications pertaining to accounts in your name, there are 2 possible causes for this situation;

  1. Fraudulent account in your name from Identity Theft, or
  2. Phishing/Scam attempts.

Identity Theft:
When another individual uses your personal identity details to obtain financial gain through deception.
Examples of how your identity can be compromised include;

• Theft of your postal mail.
• Unauthorised access to your email account.
• Fraud by a friend or family member with access to your personal belongings.
• Data breaches of businesses you deal with.
• Phishing/Scam communications. (Phone, Email, Mail or SMS)

Phishing/Scam communications:
Such communications are designed and written to look as though they come from legitimate businesses. They often contain a corporate logo and link to a fake copy of the website. Through this deception they trick people into giving out personal or banking details.

Action to take:
It is important to contact our fraud team at [email protected] promptly so we can determine if you are either a victim or Identity Theft or if the communication is a Phishing/Scam Attempt.
Please attach any copies of the suspicious communications and delete any/all copy of the suspicious communication on your end.


Protecting your account

If you receive any SMS prompts relating to resetting access to your humm90 online account that you didn’t request and have concerns your account security has been compromised, please call us immediately on 1300 115 533 (or +61 2 8905 2904 from overseas).

We will never contact you by email asking for your login details or humm90 card details, such emails are most likely phishing attempts and should be forwarded to [email protected] to be investigated.

To make sure you’re always accessing the humm90 website, and not a fraudulent website, please always;

  1. Type our address, humm90.com/au, directly into your web browser to get to access the account sign-in page.
  2. Never attempt to access your humm90 account by clicking on a link in an email or by typing in any other website address.
    If you believe your account security has been compromised, please call us immediately on 1300 115 533 (or +61 2 8905 2904 from overseas).

Please report vulnerabilities or any security concerns as soon as possible so that we can review and improve the safety and reliability of our systems . To report a vulnerability, use the Submission Form on our hummgroup Responsible Disclosure Policy page.



There are two ways that you can make repayments to your humm90 Mastercard:

  1. Setting up a Direct Debit payment from your nominated bank account via my humm90 or,
  2. BPAY (Please note that there is a .95c payment handling fee)

The minimum payment for each statement period that you must pay is the greater of:

  • 3.00% of the Eligible Unpaid Balance at the date of the statement; or
  • $30.00. However, if the Eligible Unpaid Balance is less than $30.00, you must pay that amount in full.

You must also pay:

  • overdue repayments plus the amount (if any) by which the Unpaid Balance exceeds your credit limit; and scheduled Instalment Repayments (if any) you have agreed with us at the times agreed with us.

Customers who pay out their account before the Interest Free period do not incur an early payment fee. It’s completely up to you if you want to pay the loan out sooner or later.

BPAY payments can be made through your financial institution to repay your humm90 account.

To make a payment via BPAY you will need the following information;

*Please note all BPAY payments will incur a 0.95c payment handling fee.

To set up a reoccurring Direct Debit you will need to complete the Direct Debit Request form. You will be able to set up either:

• A minimum monthly payment; or
• A fixed monthly payment

Please note that Direct Debits can only be set up on a monthly basis. Payments will only be taken on the due date of the account.

Yes. If you make a one-time payment your reoccurring Direct Debit payment will still be taken. Once you have set up a reoccurring Direct Debit, this will automatically be taken monthly.

After your humm90 account is paid in full, you can request to close your humm90 account by contacting us on 1300 115 533.

Alternatively you can make a request to have your account closed here.



humm90WRAPs allow you to convert purchases of $250 or more to your choice of 3 Interest Free Instalment Plans. You will be able to pay off big ticket purchases in monthly instalments at 0% p.a. interest for a small establishment fee.

By logging into your my humm90 account you will be able to convert eligible humm90 Mastercard purchases of $250 or more to a humm90WRAP.

As you scroll through your recent transactions, any transaction of $250 or more will have the option to ‘Convert to humm90WRAP’. Please note, that you can only convert up to 80% of your credit limit on instalment plans.

The table below summarises the establishment fees:

TermEstablishment fee
9 months3% of the purchase price
12 months4% of the purchase price
15 months5% of the purchase price

A humm90WRAP can be created within 30 days of making your eligible purchase.  You cannot convert any other transactions onto a humm90WRAP that are older than 30 days.

Any amounts collected by direct debit will be debited from your nominated account on a monthly basis. The amount debited will depend on what you have authorised us to debit. Either a fixed amount you choose, or the minimum monthly payment. A minimum monthly payment that is due will include the instalment amount. However, a fixed amount you select may or may not include the instalment amount. You will need to confirm this. All amounts paid via direct debit will be debited on the payment due date only.

A humm90WRAP can be cancelled at any time by calling us on 1300 115 533. Cancellation can take up to 5 business days.

If your humm90WRAP is cancelled, any remaining balance under a cancelled humm90WRAP will be converted back to a standard Transaction and the annual percentage rate applicable to that cancelled amount will be the Card Purchase Rate.

If you fail to pay all or part of a monthly Instalment Repayment, that amount:

a. will be overdue
b. will not form part of the humm90WRAP or humm90WRAP Remaining Balance;
c. will form part of the Unpaid Balance; and
d. interest (calculated at the Card Purchase Rate) will apply to the overdue amount. It will be debited to your humm90 Account on that overdue amount from the time it becomes overdue in accordance with the Conditions of Use.


Brand Crush

Brand Crush is a weekly 10% cashback on a series of brands we all crush on. Brand Crush is exclusive to humm90 cardholders and available when you shop the Brand Crush weekly sale the via the link within the promotional communication sent to you. Terms and Conditions apply.

Simply make sure you have opted in to receive our marketing communication and you’ll receive your
Brand Crush offer by email or SMS every week.

Yes, you can – however, only customers who purchase using their humm90 Mastercard will receive the 10% cashback.

Brand Crush offers do end at midnight on the date offered, and you won’t be eligible for the cashback if you purchase outside of that period. However, there’ll be another Brand Crush hitting your inbox every week, so stay tuned and be sure to shop on the Brand Crush day so you don’t miss out.

No, you are only able to receive the 10% cashback when you purchase directly through the link within the promotional communication using your humm90 Mastercard.

The cashback will be processed as a credit on the humm90 card you used to make the original purchase. It will display as a transaction listing in your humm90 mobile app, in my humm90 or on your monthly statement.

If you have not been awarded your 10% cashback, please complete our online help form or contact us on 1300 115 533 or +61 2 8905 2904 if you are calling outside of Australia. Charges may apply.

Yes, we recommend you do. These would be needed if you wanted to return a product, and your receipt may be needed if you wanted to claim that you have not received your 10% cashback.


Financial Hardship

No, once your account is placed under hardship you will not be able to continue to make purchases. This is for your financial security, preventing your account from falling further into hardship.

No, when we place your account under hardship, we will not default or make any comments on your credit file.

To apply for hardship, send us an enquiry using our website help form and one of our team will be in contact. If you’d like to speak directly to one of our customer service representatives, you can do so on our web chat, or by calling 1300 115 533.

If in four months’ time you find that your situation hasn’t changed or hasn’t improved to a point where you’re able to continue repayments, your account will be reassessed for the best option moving forward.

Yes, reduction of repayments is one available option to assist during financial hardship.

If the unexpected happens and you’re having any concerns or difficulties in making your minimum monthly repayments or immediately paying any overdue amounts, please call us immediately on 1300 115 533 and select prompt 1. We can help with guidance and support.



humm90//CASH is a feature of the humm90 Platinum Mastercard that lets you convert a portion of your available credit to a deposit into your bank account for a small establishment fee. You can repay via Interest Free monthly instalments.

You pay no interest on humm90//CASH unless you have an overdue humm90//CASH monthly instalment. Instead, you pay a small establishment fee. This is calculated as a percentage of the amount of your humm90 available credit you convert and depends on the repayment plan you choose. Currently the fees are 3% for a 9-month repayment plan, 4% for a 12-month repayment plan and 5% for a 15 month repayment plan.

The funds need to be deposited into the same bank account you use for direct debit repayments to your humm90 card account. You must also have used this account for direct debit repayments at least two times for that bank account to be eligible.

The minimum you can convert using humm90//CASH is $250. Subject to the amount of your available credit and whether you have any other instalment plans on your humm90 account, a maximum of up to 80% of your credit limit can be converted into a deposit into your bank account using humm90//CASH.

If you don’t repay your humm90//CASH monthly instalment in full, this amount will be treated as overdue. On overdue amounts, interest will be calculated at the Cash Advance Rate (currently 25.99% p.a.) and debited to your humm90 Account on that overdue amount from the time it becomes overdue until it’s repaid in full. Please refer to the humm90///CASH Terms & Conditions for full details.

An offer will be displayed in your humm90 web self-service and mobile app inviting you to convert your available credit to a deposit into your bank account using humm90//CASH.

The humm90//CASH offer will be visible in your humm90 web self-service and mobile app if you are eligible for the offer. If the banner is no longer visible, it could be that your borrowing conditions have changed which could affect your eligibility for humm90//CASH, or that we have temporarily removed this feature.

If you see an offer of humm90//CASH in your humm90 web self-service dashboard or mobile app home screen, click on it. You’ll be directed to the humm90//CASH request form and Terms & Conditions. Complete this form to select your humm90//CASH amount, repayment term and see the establishment fee that will apply. A one-time code will be generated to allow you to confirm the details of your humm90//CASH request. You’ll receive a confirmation once your humm90//CASH request has been completed, including an email confirmation for your records.

While your request will be processed immediately by humm90, please allow up to 3 days for your humm90//CASH to arrive in your bank account.

The humm90 Terms & Conditions state you must not pay all or any part of your humm90//CASH monthly instalment repayment earlier than the day on which it is due. However, you can pay out your entire humm90//CASH remaining balance at any time, but only if you are paying that balance out in full. Please refer to your humm90//CASH Terms and Conditions for the terms relating to repayments.


humm90//SHOP Shut Down

humm90 SHOP has closed in the app effective 31st August.

humm90 customers will no longer see SHOP when they log into their humm90 App.

humm90 customers can still shop anywhere Mastercard is accepted using their humm90 card.

From 1 September, customers will no longer have access to the SHOP tab within the app.

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