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What is an Interest Free period?

An Interest Free term is a period of time in which you do not have to pay any interest on your card purchase s.

Your humm90 Platinum Mastercard offers up to 110 days interest free on everyday purchases, as well as the option of a Long Term Interest Free Period (subject to applicable conditions).

This doesn’t mean you get 110 days interest free on each individual everyday purchase from the moment you buy something. The 110 days interest free period begins at the start of your statement period and ends 80 days after your statement period ends.
Interest is payable on any balance outstanding after the Interest Free term. The applicable interest rate depends on the type of Interest Free period that each purchase was under. Purchases that enjoyed up to 110 days Interest Free will be charged the humm90 Purchase Rate while purchases under an Instalment Plan will be charged the Expired Promotional Rate.