If you're the account holder, you may use this page to request the closure of your credit card account.

Things to Know

In order to close your account and terminate your contract, you must do the following:
Cancel all direct debits and automated repayments made to your humm90 account.
Check My Account or the humm90 mobile app to ensure there are no pending transactions.
If pending transactions are present, you will need to contact the merchant.
Securely destroy your card and those of any additional cardholders.
Once these conditions are met, complete and submit the form below.

If you have just made a repayment on your humm90 account, please ensure the funds have been received in your humm90 account (and are not still pending) before submitting this account closure request. Funds can take up to 3 business days to be received in your humm90 account.

You must be the account holder to do this.

Online Request Form

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking to decrease your humm90 credit limit?

The simplest and fastest way to decrease your credit limit is through the humm90 Mastercard app or the myhumm90 online portal.