HUMM90 HELP & Support
humm90 interest free card

What do I need to pay?

The amount that you need to pay will be indicated in the ‘What you need to pay this period’ section of your monthly statement.

You should always pay the ‘Total amount due’ appearing on your latest statement, by the due date indicated. Any overdue or overlimit amounts indicated in your statement should be paid immediately to put your account into order.

You may wish to pay ‘the ‘Alternative payment to reduce interest', which takes into account interest-bearing transactions and transactions for which an Interest Free Period is due to expire, or the ‘Closing balance excl. instalment plans’ which includes all outstanding amounts on your humm90 Account as at the date of your statement (but not any Instalment Payments which fall due in a later month, if you have an active Instalment Plan).

Interest will be incurred if you choose to pay less than the ‘Alternative payment to reduce interest’.

^Up to 110 days interest free on humm90 Mastercard purchases (excluding cash advances) when you meet the Interest Free Criteria. You must pay at least the ‘Alternative amount to avoid interest’ on each monthly statement, by the statement due date. Any outstanding balance after the Interest Free Period reverts to the humm90 Purchase Rate.