How to make your dream kitchen a reality

What are the key ingredients that make up a dream kitchen? The latest trends in kitchen design are stylish as much as they are practical.

Home renovation approvals surpassed $1 billion for the first time last year as Australians looked to put the finishing touches on their properties for a big 2022.  

For more than 30 years, Kinsman has been working with Australian families to create on-trend, innovative design solutions for kitchens, wardrobes, laundries, and home offices, to suit every home and lifestyle. 

For those looking to join the renovation boom and add value to their home through a transformation, there’s no better place to start than the kitchen.

“Kitchens are the heart of the home,” said Anouk Seer, Head of Design and Product at Kinsman. “It’s important that kitchens not only look great but are also functional.” 

To help create a kitchen that works for you, Kinsman shares the latest trends in kitchen style and design.

Using natural materials for texture

 Kitchen image and design by Kinsman

One of the main rooms for families to congregate in, in any home is the kitchen. From morning coffee to dinner prep it’s where you talk about your day and make plans for the future. 

Given its place in the home and in the family, your dream kitchen needs to feel warm. But how do you create that feeling?

“One of our favourite kitchen trends from this year that will endure for years to come is a focus on organic, raw and natural finishes in various elements from cabinetry to benchtops,” said Seer.

“Add timber to your benchtops or include open shelving to break up banks of cabinets.”

No matter the style of your kitchen, whether it’s modern or classic, natural elements can help bring warmth and depth to the heart of your home. 

Deep drawers and stylish storage solutions

 Kitchen image and design by Kinsman

A non-negotiable in any dream kitchen is storage. Storage for dry food, storage for plates, fancy plates, cutlery, appliances, cleaning products, and more.

“Whether it’s a large butler’s pantry, a walk-in style, or a storage space found within the main kitchen, a pantry is essential in any successful kitchen design,” said Seer.

Kitchen image and design by Kinsman

Of course, not every kitchen has the space for a traditional pantry, in which case deep drawers become a practical alternative.

“One of the main advantages of drawers is that you can view and access all the contents within, which a cupboard pantry does not,” she said.

Bold colours are back

Life in lockdown has forced a lot of families to stare at the same old cabinetry, shelves, and tiles adorning their kitchen. 

Kitchen image and design by Kinsman

Adding a pop of colour has helped many looking to liven things up. But how timeless is a splash of green, red, yellow, or blue in the kitchen?

“Cabinetry in shades of blush, pale pink, or muted greens may seem like a bold choice,” said Seer. 

“But when paired with classic neutrals such as white, grey or even timber, they help create a perfectly balanced space.”

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