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Goods/services not received (including Travel related?)

If you have not received goods/services purchased with your humm90 Mastercard, we recommend reaching out to the merchant directly.

Under Mastercard Dispute Rules and Regulations, the card issuer must wait at least 30 days from the transaction date prior to lodging a dispute to reverse the transaction in question. This is to allow the merchant the opportunity to either fulfil their obligations to you as part of the transaction, or directly resolve your concerns.

If your matter wasn’t resolved by the merchant and 30 days have passed since date of transaction, you can raise a dispute by completing a ‘Notice of disputed transaction’ and returning it to [email protected]

As part of the dispute, you will be required to provide supporting documents showing you have attempted to resolve the matter directly with the merchant and detail the goods/services not received on the Transaction Dispute Form.

If you dispute relates to travel or accommodation services, you will additionally require the following, if applicable;
• Original booking confirmation
• Merchant’s cancellation Policy
• Travel itinerary
• Car rental agreement
• Copy of airline ticket/s.