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I am not a humm90 customer but have received an email/letter or SMS relating to an account in my name?

If you aren’t a customer of humm90 and are receiving communications pertaining to accounts in your name, there are 2 possible causes for this situation;

  1. Fraudulent account in your name from Identity Theft, or
  2. Phishing/Scam attempts.

Identity Theft:
When another individual uses your personal identity details to obtain financial gain through deception.
Examples of how your identity can be compromised include;

• Theft of your postal mail.
• Unauthorised access to your email account.
• Fraud by a friend or family member with access to your personal belongings.
• Data breaches of businesses you deal with.
• Phishing/Scam communications. (Phone, Email, Mail or SMS)

Phishing/Scam communications:
Such communications are designed and written to look as though they come from legitimate businesses. They often contain a corporate logo and link to a fake copy of the website. Through this deception they trick people into giving out personal or banking details.

Action to take:
It is important to contact our fraud team at [email protected] promptly so we can determine if you are either a victim or Identity Theft or if the communication is a Phishing/Scam Attempt.
Please attach any copies of the suspicious communications and delete any/all copy of the suspicious communication on your end.