How you could become a humm90 cardholder

Before you decide which credit card you are going to apply for, you need to know whether you’re eligible. For applicants looking to become humm90 cardholders there are four requirements you need to meet before you can access up to 110 days interest free.

It’s not long after most people start earning a steady stream of income that they might consider signing up for a credit card.

Holidays, new furniture and tech upgrades are among your next big purchases.

But before you can apply for your credit card and secure your hard-earned holiday, you need to make sure you meet the eligibility criteria.

From age to credit files, every credit card will have its own set of eligibility requirements. 

A common prerequisite for most credit cards is a set minimum income that can vary from card to card.

Who is eligible for the humm90 Platinum Mastercard?

For those looking to apply to become a humm90 cardholder here are a few things you need to be able to get a credit card.

The first is you need to be aged 18+. Having a credit card is a big responsibility, and while it might not suit all adults you need to be 18 years or over to be able to apply.

You also need to be an Australian citizen or permanent resident of Australia.

Applicants looking to become a humm90 cardholder need to have a clear credit file. This is another reason why responsible money management is so important, your credit history counts.

Finally, like with most credit cards there is a minimum income requirement of $25,000 per year. This is to make sure you’re in a position to repay your purchases.

Once you’ve determined which credit cards you’re eligible to apply for, deciding what card suits you is the next step.

Why apply to become a humm90 cardholder?

When you’re choosing your credit card there are some essential factors that you should compare and contrast across the market. 

The annual fees, late payment fees, interest rates, and interest free periods are some of the key points of comparison that will help you choose your card.

Prospective cardholders looking to stagger their repayments over time without paying interest often pick a card that offers a lengthy interest free period.

Typical interest free offers include windows of up to 44 and 55 days. But cards like the humm90 Platinum Mastercard offer a longer interest free period that extends well beyond most cards.

Long interest free periods allow customers to make bigger purchases that are more costly like car repairs or a new TV or fridge without the immediate stress of being charged interest.

Providing a grace period that doubles the time of standard offers, gives humm90 cardholders the space to manage repayments on a customised timeline that works for them. 

Apply online and start using your humm90 Platinum Mastercard today.