Choosing the right interest free credit card

Credit cards with long interest free periods come with a host of benefits – breathing space, manageable repayments, and greater control. The humm90 Platinum Mastercard has a range of long-term interest free offers that allow cardholders to pick the payment plan that best suits their purchase.

It’s not every day you buy a new fridge, pick up a puppy, or take the family to a concert. But for those times when big expenses do come up, a credit card can help ease the burden.

A credit card with a long interest free period can help customers make more manageable repayments, gradually over time.

The humm90 Platinum Mastercard has a range of interest free options to help cardholders map out a repayment strategy that suits their financial situation. 

Starting with offers of up to 110 days interest free, humm90 also offers customers interest free instalment plans, and Long-Term Interest Free (LTIF) deals.

Up to 110 interest free days

Interest free days are a valuable asset for all cardholders. The more interest free days your card has, the more time you have to pay back your purchases.

Most credit cards offer a standard interest free period of up to 44 or 55 days. But there are some cards that offer customers a considerably longer period.

The humm90 Platinum Mastercard provides its cardholders with a grace period of up to 110 days interest free, double the offer laid out by most other credit cards.

The longer interest free period can be used to purchase a new living room rug, school supplies, or a trip to the hairdressers – there is no minimum spend. 

Like most credit cards the interest free period starts on day one of your statement cycle. But the benefit of 110 days means that even if humm90 customers use their card at the local shops on the last day of their cycle cardholders are still entitled to 79 days interest free. 

Individuals who consistently pay off their closing balance by the due date can avoid interest altogether.

Shop up to 15 months with humm90Wrap

Credit cards can help ease the stress of upfront costs.

Need a break at break from the stressful week? A much-needed long weekend away can be a great stress reliever but it can also cost a pretty penny. 

It’s times like these when you’re desperate for a holiday that the humm90Wrap comes in handy.

For all payments that exceed $250, like flights or hotels, the humm90Wrap feature gives you the option of converting to an interest free installment plan of up to 15 months.

Using the humm90 app cardholders move onto an interest free plan of up to 9, 12, or 15 months for a small percentage fee of the balance converted. 

LTIF offers for up to 5 years

A long interest free period gives customers greater control of their finances. With more time, repayments become more gradual and subsequently more affordable.

The benefit of interest free time is particularly handy for expensive purchases like furniture or outdoor gear.

humm90 has partnered with big Australian brands to provide Long-Term Interest Free offers.

For cardholders looking to invest in a new sofa, build a deck, or install solar panels, humm90 presents LTIF offers of up to 12, 24, or up to 60 months, when you shop with select retailers.

LTIF offers provide customers the time and space to manage their finances to a repayment schedule that suits them. 

Live life interest free, to learn more visit humm90 today.