Split your purchase with humm90//WRAP^

Turn any transaction over $250 into an Interest Free instalment plan over 9, 12 or 15 months.

Minimise interest with humm90//WRAP

humm90//WRAP allows you to convert purchases of $250 or more to a 9, 12 or 15 month Interest Free^ instalment plan for a small establishment fee. Giving you greater control of your repayments for life’s important purchases.

Convert within seconds via app

Extended periods to pay

Pay in smaller amounts instead of a large payment upfront

Have 30 days to convert purchase to a WRAP

Helps with budgeting and planning to reduce financial strain

Note – to make a WRAP, you have to be under 80% of your credit limit. This feature will be greyed out if it is not available to you at this time due to reaching this limit.
humm90 wrap feature

How-to guide

Ready to split that large purchase? Enjoy the convenience of paying off bigger buys gradually interest free for a small establishment fee:
Step 1

Simply select a purchase over $250

In your transaction list, eligible purchases will display 'swipe to convert to humm90WRAP’.

Step 2
humm90 transaction step 2

Slide across to start an instalment plan

Swipe left on your desired transaction.

Step 3
humm90 transaction step 3

Choose 9, 12 or 15 month term

Select 9, 12 or 15 months to spread out your purchase, freeing up your money cashflow.

Eligible transactions criteria

You can convert big purchases into smaller, flexible interest free^ instalments, if the following conditions are met:

Your purchase is over $250.

You made the purchase on your credit card within the last 30 days.

Your total humm90//WRAP instalment plans are less than 80% of your available credit limit.

Your purchase has not been converted to an Instalment Plan already.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is the eligibility for humm90//WRAP?

    You can convert a purchase of $250 or more into a humm90//WRAP, if the below conditions are fulfilled:
    - Your purchase was made in the last 30 days.
    - All active humm90//WRAPs and Instalment Plans (including any pending payments) on your humm90 account do not exceed 80% of your humm90 account credit limit.
    - Your purchase has not been converted to an Instalment Plan already.

  • Are there any fees for using humm90//WRAP?

    An Establishment Fee will be charged whenever a purchase is converted to humm90//WRAP. The Establishment Fee is a percentage of the purchase you convert and is based on the term you select..

    Term Establishment Fee
    9 months 3% of the purchase price
    12 months 4% of the purchase price
    15 months 5% of the purchase price
  • How can I avoid paying Interest?

    The best way to avoid paying interest is to pay the ‘Alternative payment to reduce interest’ shown on each of your monthly statements by the due date. That amount is the total amount you owe on your humm90 Mastercard at the end of the statement period, less Instalment Plans and other amounts which currently benefit from an Interest Free Period.

    If you want to pay off your entire credit card debt for the month, the ‘Closing balance excluding instalment plans’ is the amount you’ll need to pay . The Remaining Balance of an Instalment Plan cannot be paid off early unless you wish to cancel the Instalment Plan – see clause 5.3 of the humm90 Conditions of Use.

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^ humm90WRAP allows you to convert humm90 Mastercard purchases of $250 or more to an Interest Free Instalment Plan. A fee applies, calculated as a percentage of the total amount payable on the card purchase selected. Total amount payable by 9, 12 or 15 equal monthly instalments, in addition to the minimum monthly repayment. If you fail to pay a fixed monthly instalment, interest (calculated at the Expired Promotional Rate, currently 25.99% p.a.) is payable on that outstanding amount. Conversion to a humm90WRAP must take place within 30 days of eligible transaction. An eligible transaction does not include cash advances, balance transfers, interest, fees, charges, or commissions. All transactions converted to a humm90WRAP cannot make up 80% or more of your available credit limit.