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An Interest Free^ payment plan for $250+ purchases1.

Every time you make a purchase of $250 or more with your humm90® Platinum Mastercard®, you can convert it to an Interest Free^ instalment plan, then pay it off gradually over up to 15 months.

How it works

Choose 9, 12 or 15 months

Enjoy the ease of paying off purchases of $250 or more gradually and Interest Free^ for a small establishment fee. You can pick //WRAP within 30 days of your $250+ purchase1.
H90 9 Months LTIF

9 months

Establishment fee is 3% of the purchase amount converted.
H90 12 Months LTIF

12 months

Establishment fee is 4% of the purchase amount converted.
H90 15 Months LTIF

15 months

Establishment fee is 5% of the purchase amount converted.

Get the most from

If you’re looking for an interest free^ purchase credit card, humm90 is one of the best interest free cards for the job you’ll find in Australia. The humm90//WRAP feature helps you save credit card interest by converting any purchase of $250 or more into an interest free^ instalment plan of 9, 12 or 15 months for a small percentage fee of the balance converted1.


What’s great about humm90//WRAP

Easy to do.

You simply open the App, select your purchase of $250+ and toggle to convert it to a plan.

Save credit card interest.

It lowers your interest-bearing balance, reducing the interest you could pay.

Control in your hands

Control in your hands.

With humm90//WRAP you can take control of your purchases and manage repayment your way.

Apply for the humm90 Platinum Mastercard in minutes online.

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