Easing everyday expenses with an interest free credit card

mother getting son ready for school

The start of the school year comes with a long list of expenses. The stress of managing the family budget can feel like a full-time job for a lot of parents. To help stagger repayments and build in some much-needed breathing space, many families use a long interest free credit card.

It’s the first morning before the start of school. You have a checklist – polish the shoes, pack the lunches, and leave the house on time.

But the stress of getting ready for the school year isn’t contained to the morning rush, there are everyday expenses that come with sending your kids to school. 

From stocking up on school supplies, buying school shoes, to preparing weekly lunches  – the costs can add up.

To help ease the burden of upfront expenses and take control of your repayments humm90 provides a long interest free period that empowers families at the start of the school year. 

Interest free makes for stress-free budgeting

The responsibility of managing family expenses can be stressful. For every grocery shop, swimming lesson, or trip to the movies the question is asked, does this fit within the weekly budget? 

Each family budget will be structured differently depending on how many people there are in the family, how old everyone is, and what sort of income is available.

In 2016 the ABS estimated that Australian families spent between $1,833 and $2,085 a week, depending on how many kids were in the family and how old they were.

Of course, not every week is the same. School fees come up, as can surprise trips to the doctor, and the start of weekend sport means new equipment needs to be paid for. 

A credit card with a long interest free period can help manage weekly expenses on top of these large one-off costs.

While most credit cards offer an interest free period of 44 to 55 days, humm90 delivers two times that with a lengthy 110 day interest free period for customers. 

That means that for every trip to Officeworks, Shoes & Sox, or Rebel Sport humm90 customers will be charged zero interest on their purchases for up to 110 days.

Stagger your repayments with a long interest free period

Credit cards with lengthy interest free periods also benefit families who’re looking to stagger their repayments.

The longer an interest free period lasts, the more time customers have to chip away at the balance owed before they’re charged interest. For credit cards that offer 110 days interest free, families will be given double the time to gradually pay back a purchase compared to cards that are capped at 55 days.

One of the perks of humm90 is that you can choose among a range of interest free plans depending on the purchase. For larger costs that are over $250 like a new phone or laptop, there is the option of setting up an interest free payment plan that can be spread over 9, 12, or 15 months.

These interest free payment options are designed to help families manage their budget with confidence. The payment plan you choose will be one that suits your family’s needs, on a timeframe that works for you.  

Control your family budget and start the school year interest free. To learn more about the credit card with interest free superpowers visit humm90.