How to avoid paying interest on your credit card

The best credit card can help you manage your money and help you avoid going into debt. When you learn how to live interest free, you also learn how to create a budget that works for you. The key is to make repayments within the interest free period. 

It’s a good rule of thumb for credit cardholders to understand the rates and fees that come with their card, including the terms around interest.

The interest you get charged on your credit card balance can end up putting a sizable dent in your wallet, but if you manage your repayments correctly, you could avoid paying interest altogether. 

How easy is it to live life interest free? The trick to this is to repay your closing balance before the interest free period ends. 

How to repay your balance before the interest free period ends

For most credit cards the interest free period starts on day one of your statement cycle. 

For any purchases that you make on this day, whether it’s a vacuum cleaner or a new pair of togs, you’ll be entitled to the entire interest free period that your card offers.

It’s then up to you to make sure you’ve paid your balance in full in order to avoid the burden of paying interest.  

By paying on time, with higher repayments, and by keeping track of your ongoing spending you can settle your closing balance before the interest free period ends and let out an interest free sigh of relief.

For those looking to use their credit card to support bigger purchases a long interest free period lessens the stress of managing the repayments.

Why choose a long interest free period

A credit card with a long interest free period can help those looking to manage large upfront costs and sizeable one-off payments from vet bills to anniversary gifts.

Most credit cards offer an interest free period of up to 44 or 55 days. 

However, the humm90 Platinum Mastercard provides cardholders up to 110 days interest free. That’s two times as long as most typical offers.

All humm90 cardholders are entitled to the benefits of a long interest free period (outside of cash advances) if they make their minimum monthly repayments. 

But for customers who make it a priority to pay their closing balances in full before the interest free period ends, they’ll be entitled to live everyday interest free.

From the first day of their statement cycle humm90 customers have the full 110 days. But even for purchases made on the last day of a customer’s payment cycle, the interest free period is still a lengthy 79 days.

For many consumers the extended interest free period is an invaluable feature that provides extra time and much-needed breathing space for cardholders to stagger their repayments.

By appreciating the difference a long interest free period can make to a person’s budget, humm90 offers a range of interest free options so you can match your repayments to your purchases.

Make the decision to manage your debt responsibly and avoid paying interest on your credit card. Visit humm90 to learn more.