How the right credit card can help you live interest free

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Choosing the right credit card to suit your needs can be a daunting prospect, but there are some key differences to look for when making your decision. Along with the card’s features you should factor in your spending habits, what you want to buy, and how interest free periods can help you manage your money. 

In a sea of options, it can be hard to decide which credit card is the best fit for you.

For a lot of Australians making informed decisions around personal finance is becoming a top priority. According to Finder, 78% of Australians have already laid out financial goals for the new year.

To find the right card for you it’s important to consider what your needs are, along with what’s on offer.  

How to live interest free

A credit card means taking on new responsibilities, including making repayments, staying out of debt, and developing healthy financial habits. 

For many credit cardholders, a long interest free period is a key factor in their decision-making.  

The longer the interest free period the more time you have to pay back your balance without being charged interest. That gives you the chance to gradually pay off your debts and chip away at bigger buys. 

These days most credit cards typically offer between 44 and 55 days interest free. But other cards like humm90 offer an extended period of up to 110 days. 

Because every customer has a unique situation, humm90 has a range of interest free periods so you can manage your money responsibly.

To help accommodate bigger buys over $250, like a bike, holiday, or laptop, humm90 lets customers switch to a 9, 12, or 15 month repayment plan for a small percentage fee of the balance. 

Alternatively, cardholders that shop with key retail partners like Ikea, Flight Centre, or Sunglass Hut, also have the option to apply for interest free payment plans of up to 12, 24, or 60 months. 

Protection insurance you can count on

Before you commit to a credit card, it’s important to do your due diligence – compare and contrast. 

The same goes for when you are thinking about buying a new pair of shoes, a couch, or a TV – compare the prices, and contrast the different features. 

Price protection insurance can add a much-needed buffer for purchases, especially where you’ve missed out on the lower price. If you find a better bargain for the same product at another shop, price protection insurance can allow you to get a refund for the difference in prices. 

On top of price protection insurance, purchase protection insurance can help relieve anxiety about theft or accidental damages to products purchased in-store or online. humm90 covers customers with up to 180 consecutive days of free worldwide protection on eligible items.

Shop globally, with no international transaction fees

Your card will have its own set of fees, ranging from reward programs to international shopping. How you plan to use your credit card will determine how much each fee matters.

For those looking to fund a holiday or make purchases on an overseas site, a credit card with no foreign exchange fees might be the one for you.

Travel-friendly cards like humm90 offer no foreign transaction fees for customers shopping online through overseas sites. 

The same card can also be used on your next holiday to Europe, the US, or Asia, with no extra fees added to international purchases. 

Finding the fees that fit your needs, will help you find the credit card that fits your wallet.

Manage your money in a way that’s right for you, with a card that’s different. Learn more at humm90.