Building a home gym that matches your budget

The pandemic saw a rise in working from home and working out at home. More Australian households are reaching their fitness goals by hitting the home gym. What is the best way to set one up?

The pandemic prompted Australians to invest in health and fitness with a rise in spending on medical needs, virtual training programs, and home gyms.

A common misconception around home gyms is that you need all the (dumb)bells and whistles to get started. But the pandemic proved that even on a small budget you can achieve your fitness goals at home. 

Australian fitness retailer Dynamo Fitness provides gym equipment for people’s homes, offices, and fitness studios.

“Everyone can and should consider setting up a home gym,” said Dynamo Fitness marketing assistant, Abi Smith. 

How to kit out your home gym

Gym goers typically seek one of two different workouts – a full-body workout or a targeted workout.

To achieve a well-rounded workout at your home gym you need a mix of equipment. 

“Cardio equipment and free weights like dumbbells are particularly useful for most workouts,” she said.  “These can be used in combination with cable equipment, which is great for providing resistance during your workouts and simple bodyweight exercises.” 

A common mistake that home gym-goers make is buying equipment that lacks versatility.

Smith said the functional trainer is a versatile piece of equipment that allows you to do different exercises all on one machine.

To ensure your home gym works for you and your fitness goals it’s important to give each piece of equipment a test run.

“People need to try before they buy,” she said.  “This will help them determine whether they’ll use the equipment they purchase.”

Should you set up a home gym

For those weighing up whether to take the plunge, the question of space can trigger pre-home-gym-jitters.

“Usually, we find that the best space for a home gym is either in a garage or shed as often there are high ceilings and cement floors which allows for bigger machines and is better for the constant dropping of weights that can happen during training,” she said. 

“However, even if you have a spare room in your house that will work too, as there is plenty of equipment that is fit for use in smaller rooms.”

Questions also come up about affordability – is it worth the money, am I saving in the long run, how often will I need to replace the equipment? 

“When treated with care fitness equipment can last for an extremely long period of time and can serve you through constant use for years to come,” she said. 

Dynamo Fitness typically offers a minimum one-year warranty on equipment, with some products having a lifetime warranty for the frames and a two-year warranty on parts, cables, and pulleys. 

“Although the investment might be significant upfront it can save you a lot in years to come,” she said. “Especially on all those gym memberships that you pay for but don’t use.” 

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